What a clown opponent


Look at this clown. I think he should get some serious help in a checkers hospital.



Why did it take so long to win for you?


Perhaps somebody else is the clown...


Was the clock a factor? 


no he just did not want to resign and blundered away all his pieces like a clown. he even had less time on the clock i think.


As I said, under 2000 blitz on this site is a joke, players under 2000 blitz just hang all their pieces and you just have to take them.


But in all seriousness, you just outplayed your opponent, and won material. It's not a special game or extremely bad play by one side... it's 3 minutes and stuff like that is typical.


The only clown I see is the OP.

Instead of under promoting in to a knight in first place , you should promote to a Queen and show to him that you intent to play for a checkmate. Instead you continued under promoting and that had as reaction for him to continue play.

Sometimes players are frustrated with their own performance and continue play in losing positions to give time to them selfs get over it. Your opponent entered a two pawns down endgame clearly in frustration but that not means he disrespected you. Instead of accusing him try to understand. Finish the job as much quickly as you can and go on.

What you did was even worse!


but he didnt surrender even with no material left. i underpromoted to show him how ridiculous it is to play on.


i even told him in chat how bad he was and that he should please surrender and he just didnt...


No you had no right to suggest to him what to do! You should focus to your own play and how you will finish it as much as quicker. As I said sometimes players due to their own frustration from their performance does not resign in losing positions to give some time get over it! It's natural for some people. We are not all the same. Some put a lot of effort to concentrate and can't manage the defeat so calmly.

Instead of irritating them with our play, or typing words we should finish the job quickly and go on.


You shouldn't be badmouthing him in chat. He doesn't have to surrender - he can resign anytime he wants to or go until mate, just like you can promote to 8 Knights and finish the game how you want to, which you did.


My bad

spawkle529 wrote:

 Honestly Cherub, mocking other blitz players is very rude and should be beneath you. That is just bad sportsmanship.

You realize I was just making fun of the user " @myratingis1523"? Check out his forum threads


Oh my bad, but yea, he is a pretty rude player. My apologies. However I do drop the occasional piecetongue.png


Yep! Everyone hangs stuff occasionally in 3 minutes, but not nearly as much as that player would like you to believe.



MatrixInhabitant wrote:

i even told him in chat how bad he was and that he should please surrender and he just didnt...

I don't have the right to say this because I have way lower ratings, but I need to say it anyway. You already got him, and it didn't need so much time to checkmate him whatsoever. What you did isn't an act based on chivalry, nor empathy, nor sportmanship. It's also not because you didn't have much time anymore to play chess on your PC/ smartphone. It's because you're narcissistic, rude, and over the top ego kind of person that you did something like that. I really wish on my journey of playing chess I'll never have to play a match with someone like you, and I really hope one day your ego(and your ratings) will be destroyed by player humbler than you.


Thank you, and have a nice day sir. happy.png

MatrixInhabitant hat geschrieben:

i even told him in chat how bad he was and that he should please surrender and he just didnt...

Okay, You definitely are the clown. 

Just play on until checkmate is not so bad compared to your behavior.


You are the one who is the clown. He did not resigned? So what? You are a GM or who the heck are you to get offended by that?


I hope next time you act like a jerk your connection fails and you lose.