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What Does ''Patzer'' Mean?

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    There are many weird words or slangs here in the forums. Now I know what ''troll'' is. But what is patzer? A beginner? A bad chess player?

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    Patzer is just a bad chess player, aka woodpusher

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    Á íslensku "skunkur" ;-)

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    "The Killing" Chess Club Scene (Stanley Kubrick, 1956):


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    Patzer is a German word, meaning bungler.

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    DeweyOxberger wrote:

    Patzer is that annoying guy at your chess club who things he is much better than he is and talks to much.  If you look around your club and cannot figure out who the patzer is, it might be you.

    Isn't that a Kibbitzer?

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    zibbit wrote:

    Á íslensku "skunkur" ;-)

    Takk, þetta er komið allir!

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    Patzer is also a very over-used word by people in a condescending way towards people who have a lower online 'rating,' even if their opinions are valid.  Really though, anybody who throws around the word "patzer" like it's some original 'insult' is an idiot, and compared to people who are better than them at chess, a patzer as well.

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    I was refering to this website deweyoxberger :)  I dont think I've ever heard it used at a chess club tbh.

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    SupremeOverlord wrote:

    If you don't know what a patzer is, you're probably a patzer.

    Thank you.

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    a casual, amateurish chess player.
    1955–60;  probably < German Patzer  bungler, equivalent to patz en to bungle
    (compare Austrian dialect Patzen  stain, blot, patzen  to make a stain) + -er -er

    a poor chess player
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