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What happens if your opponent dies at the chessboard ?

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    same thing that happens on PS4 they keep streaming till its crashes or shuts off

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                    If both players die, then 2 autopsies will determine WHO died 1st, and who lost on time.Wink  Who didn't die 1st, who is ON 1st.  How the hell do I know, that's what I'm asking you??  Asking me what?  What's on 2nd. I don't care about 2nd, I wanna know WHO'S on 1st?  That's what I'm trying to tell you, WHO'S on 1st.  I DON'T KNOW!!   3rd base.Yell

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    The player who does not die should immediately resign the game & graciously give points.  After all, they live to play again. Wink

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    No, winning is good!  But someone slumpimg down dead all over the board & causing a scene would have to be handled with grace.  It's never actually happened, has it?

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    If my opponent was someone I hated, I would celebrate if he died at the board. [/honesty] Remember we are all trying to "kill" one another over the chess board, isn't that right?

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    Bit extreme.

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    Well, what happens with the prize if a dead man (died in last round) wins a tournament? See, that is an interesting question. 

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    AxeKnight wrote:


    and in twenty minutes you will be making a thread called "Why am I banned?"

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    Stupid younger cousin's idea of a prank. Sorry if you guys endured the comment. I'll be back after I kill him.

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    Golden Mince.

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    I think this thread, and the death jokes enclosed, should hereby end out of respect for the two players who passed recently during the Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway.

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    camb: Indeed. R.I.P.

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    AxeKnight wrote:

    Stupid younger cousin's idea of a prank. Sorry if you guys endured the comment. I'll be back after I kill him.

    I hope you used a thesaurus to bash him with. When I was younger I was able to string together a variety of four letter words. The education system isn't even giving young folk a good grasp of profane language these days...

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    Seriously though. Death is something the living have to handle. As a chess player I wouldn't wish for a better way to exit this life than during my favourite hobby.

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    Yes! With your boots on!

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    Perhaps you're right. Let's hope our two late bretheren departed this world in peace. However, both were of advanced age. Perhaps the stress of the game was too much. If so, FIDE needs to implement changes so that history will not repeat itself as it so often does if the world forgets the past.

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    You get his baked potato.

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    heinzie wrote:

    Hey_Man, it just happened yesterday at the Olympiad in the game CM Kurt Meier - Alain Patience Niyibizi.

    So "Patience" eventually won the game on time? Innocent


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