What is a "null move"?

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    What is a "null move"?

    Answers are appreciated.

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    It's one side 'passing' the move.  Denoted by --.  Needless to say this is not a legal chess manuever but can be useful in software if you need to animate a sequence of moves made by one side.

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    A null move is a "non-move" used when reviewing a position using a computer.  It is typically used where it doesn't make any difference what the next move is (computers have a nasty habit of requiring that something be entered).  Entering a null move allows the review to continue without having to enter a specific move.  Many times, a null move is annotated "any."
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    The null move feature in database programs just means that one side can move repeatedly.  It is most often used to illustrate strategies and plans to students.

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    It's the move the stalemated player makes.

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    I like Clavier's answer best.

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