What is Bullet Chess?


And where can you play it on  I don't see any options for where we can play, but there is an ELO for it in everyone's profile.


Bullet Chess is normal "Live Chess" games. Just change the time of a live chess match to 2 or 1 minute and it will be considered as a bullet game. Hope it helps. 

Standard: 15 minutes game, Rapid: 10 minutes, Blitz: 5 minutes, Super Blitz: 3 minutes, Bullet: 2 minutes and Lightning: 1 minute. 


Following up Avilash Sen's comment: 3|0 is far too fast for me but counts as blitz chess.  For bullet chess I recommend starting out at 2|1 (the slowest rate) for example playing in tournaments.

Basically bullet chess tests your chess reflexes.  Try to get the initiative; try to make safe moves; try to move as fast as possible.

Improvement in chess comes from the formula "Play and Study, then Study and Play followed by Play and Study, then Study and Play". (with acknowledgements to Ken Smith).  It ias worth sticking to the same time control.  For example bullet 2|1 only; blitz 10|0 only; standard 15|10 only; turn-based (correspondence) chess anything (doesn't matter).  I give these rates as examples because provides tournaments in each category and they are the ones I use.  Improvement in chess is as much about mastering the clock (making full use of your time) as it is about mastering positions.

Hope this helps,

Cheers, David


PS - if you click on a player, if they have a green square they are on line; if they have an orange square they are logged in to Live Chess