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What is the London System?

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    I have heard about the London System and some people say it's a great opening. If somone would post a diagram that would be awesome. 


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    Either click here or Copy and paste into the address bar.

    For other ideas, type in the London System in Google.

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    There are lots of threads on the London in the Chess Openings forum - just search in there, you'll find more than you ever wanted to know about it!

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    More than anyone would want to know!

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    1.d4 2.bf4 3.e3 4.nf3

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    Fear_ItseIf wrote:

    1.d4 2.bf4 3.e3 4.nf3

    Doesn't White also play c3 in this opening? A friend of mine teaches his students this system but i have neither played with it or against it to know too many of the moves in the opening.


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