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What is the most SURPRISING incident happen with you while playing OTB tourney?

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    @JMB2010 You're supposed to lose the post-mortem

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    @Shadowknight not a player, just a lady with music on her lap.

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    in a otb blitz tourney I lost the queen... I played on very dishearted. Later on I checked his king and he didn't see it and as the rule goes I took his king and yelled "YES!!" in sheer joy. My opponent was so surprised he fell off his chair.

    I apologized immediately but explained I had totally written the game off and just don't know where this outburst came from. I know where it came from tho but I won't share that.

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    Once in a tournament in June I was playing the guy 100 points above me. Well I was under pressure and had to make time control. So coincidentally, because it was humid I got a NOSEBLEED! Surprised So I RAN to the bathroom and got a towel, I barely had any time. And I spilled some blood on my notating book! Embarassed My opponent tried to suppress his smile. Well the good news is he wasn't smiling for long, for I found a way to beat  him. Tongue Out

    Eventually I won my last round and finished with 5/6. I earned almost $400. I was a Money Mouth then!

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    Wow would you get a nosebleed "because it was humid"?  

    That would suck.

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    well for some reason I did

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    Saw 2 guy start beating the snot out of each other. Needed to jump in and break that up. Guess that was not entirely expected.

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    Wish there were blitz tournaments here that could earn ya $400 :-P

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    @Shadowknight something likethat.

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    Abhishek2 wrote:

    Eventually I won my last round and finished with 5/6. I earned almost $400. I was a  then!

    Dollars? it says you're in england?

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    bronsteinitz wrote:

    I still like to see what happens when a player forgets to push his clock.. Brings out the smaller side of character it seems. My rule is that I tell them after 10 minutes.

    So they move their piece but you decide to cheat them while thinking about your move?  Do you move during this time too, or do you just wait 10 minutes before doing anything?

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    A 5 Round swiss played about 30 years ago.  A "B" player was doing horrible so after the second round he withdraws from the tournament and leaves the hall. The next day during round 5 he shows up and tells the director after he not only lost his shirt he left his coat.

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    I withdrew from a tournament once before the last round because I had played that particular tournament like crap and didn't see any possible prize and I was sick...... but then half a week later I got a check in the mail.

    Turns out the prize fund was structured where first place got a large amount, 2nd got something also, and then 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th all got the same exact prize. Very weird.

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    That is strange. Was it USCF sponsored?

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    What about when there are a few people tied for each position?

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    @SmyslovFan It was USCF-rated, I don't know what sponsored means.

    @ClavierCavalier I don't know - I didn't ask too many questions, I just cashed the check.

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    USCF rated. The USCF handbook has clear guidelines for how prizes are to be distributed. I don't think it's actually against the rules to have equal shares for 3rd through 6th, but it isn't recommended.

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    when I was on my H.S. team, we travelled to another school to play them. Our opponents board 4 player had the previous week been kicked off the team for fighting. He was replaced by his younger brother.

    So we get there, start the clocks, push some pawns. About 15 minutes into it, the big brother walks in the door and sez "Dad said you can come home now, or stay here forever!" So the younger brother shrugged, tipped his king, signed the score sheet, and left.

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    piphilologist wrote:
    Abhishek2 wrote:

    Eventually I won my last round and finished with 5/6. I earned almost $400. I was a  then!

    Dollars? it says you're in england?

    I guess that's enough proof that he doesn't come from england - first a recent "thanksgiving tournament", now dollars :P

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    Piphilologist your post about the blunder from p. 3 of this thread is hilarious!

    This once happened to me as black... I went into the ...Nxe4 trick, immediately realizing that I'm dropping my Bc5 into the bargain. Awful! And to an opponent rated like 1660 when I was rated around 1740, Israeli rating...

    it was tough, but ironically I knew I shouldn't be losing to this player! So I played on, started to run kind of wild, sacrificed another minor piece for inadequate reasons or compensation... and did win the game :-)


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