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What would you say?

  • #1

    If Chess was a girl... I would say: "You are my true love." Here is the list of other things I would say.

    If Chess was a girl/boy/friend, what would you say to him or her?

  • #2
    " Why are you so hard on me, sweetie? "
  • #3
    "Pawn to e5"
  • #4
    Know how to mate?  Let me show you all the positions.  Check it out.  You will like the knight moves.  You'll be treated like a Queen, but its great being the King.
  • #5
    Ammor magnus doctor est
  • #6

    (vomits in mouth)

  • #7
    Not a bad opening!!
  • #8

    Let me put my bishop on your long diagonal...

  • #9

       Stop wasting time darling and  start moving!!!

  • #10

    Lmao! Why is my namesake narco posting a DECADE old post? 


    I would say: "chess, mi amore, a fickle mistress you are." 

  • #11

    Nec Spe, Nec Metu” (Without Hope, Without Fear)



  • #12

    I will never understand you.

  • #13

    I'd say, get in that kitchen and make me a sammich!


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