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What's your Morphy Number?

  • #61

    Mine is a 6 for tourney games.

  • #62

    Reshevesky, Lasker, Bird, Morphy.

  • #63


    One of my friend once played Peter Svidler in Copenhagen Open blitz tournement. So my number is 7 or lower.

    But I once played a tournement game with a guy from Norway, claiming he drawed Magnus Carlsen when he was a kid, also in a tournement game. And Magnus Carlsen must be 4 so that makes me 6 with tournement games only (2h /p/g).

  • #64
    Joseph-S wrote:
    ivandh wrote:

    I played NN who played Morphy

     I'm pretty sure we won't get a lower number than that.  So what do you say we go ahead and crown Ivandh the winner.


    I am NN!

  • #65

    (waiting for someone to announce "I am Morphy")

  • #66
    Elroch wrote:

    (waiting for someone to announce "I am Morphy")

    I was going to but now it's no fun.

  • #67

    If you played in Kasparov vs the world or Karpov vs the world, your number is 5.

  • #68


    7: PrawnEatsPrawn -> Kacparov ->> Short ->>> Kholmov ->>>> Botvinnik ->>>>> Michell ->>>>>> Owen ->>>>>>> Morphy.

    [EDIT: Oh yeah. I did play the world's side against Carlsen, so maybe I can crank the number down a notch.]

  • #69

    5, via Nigel Short.

  • #70

    I have a Morphy Number of 4.

    Morphy-Henry Bird-Jacques Mieses-Leonard Barden-Me.

    I also have a dog called Morphy.

  • #71

    My sister met the entire Russian team in 1973 when they were in Bath at the hotel where she was working, and Botvinnik was on that team (also Tal, Smyslov, Petrosian and Spassky!) so it's me -- sister -- Botvinnik -- Michell -- Owen -- Morphy, so 6. But if it's a question of playing then the chain's a bit longer.

  • #72

    Six degrees of Paul Morphy? 

  • #73

    I wonder what Kevin Bacon's Morhphy number is.

  • #74

    Well, maybe its a little unique for me. Im not a professional or even master, my rating just  around 2000+, and chess is my hobby. My key link to this Morphy number is a FIDE Master, Arnold Huhndorf from German, so lets see

    I played Huhndorf at FICS

    Huhndorf played Lev Gutman at 2010 Bad Woerishofen German

    Gutman played Samuel Reshevksy at 1982 Beersheba

    Reshevksy played Emanuel Lasker at 1936 Nottingham

    E.Lasker played Henry Bird at 1899 London

    Finally, Bird played Morphy at 1858 London, sources:chess tempo

    So i have Morphy number 6. But maybe anyone can search the better number for me!

    In FICS Arnold Huhndorf has an account named "Telamon".

  • #75

    Mine's 6 if you count Simul-play.   Played the late Bob McGregor who was notorious for his Damiano shenanigans against Fischer (Morphy # of 4) in a simul. 

  • #76

    I've drawn John Donaldson who drew Karpov who beat Smyslov who beat Euwe who beat Lasker who beat James McConnell who beat Paul Morphy.

    That's 7 without a loss. 


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