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When You Lose the Game...

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    Do you feel that you learn your mistakes when you lose the game?  

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    depends. I think for me if I lose the game because of an opening trap or a tactic, then I learn, but if it is bad positioning throughout, it's a bit harder to learn because no move, or combination of moves won the game so it is harder to find the source of the problem and how to fix it

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    Sometimes. Often, I played well but one day I was in a hurry or nervous and I made a big mistake and goodbye..  The only lesson of that is. Take your time...

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    Stop playing you had three loses in a row
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    Yes, every game I play I get better as a player. Yes I probably still make mistakes but experience is very important in chess

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    Yes, Losing is almost essential to being great at anything. (In my opinion)

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    I think I've learned from my mistakes, however, I've always hated playing over losses.  And yeah, I know you're supposed to learn more from them than your wins yada yada yada.  I'd rather play over my wins but even that sucks sometimes.  I can't wait till I get to the part where I forced the win with a brilliant bishop sack.  But along the way I realize I could've won a half dozen moves earlier with a brilliant queen sack.  meh.png

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    Some games are excellent losses.  I just can't wait to analyze them because I felt like I fell into a trap (but most times, I'm just out played); those I learn from.  Most games, I have the intention to analyze but never follow up.


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    You see, I never make mistakes or loose games.
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    VicountVonJames wrote:
    You see, I never make mistakes or loose games.


    How can we believe you with the above ?

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    Interesting comments!  I normally play the games that each opponent has up to 3 days to make a move.  I try to take my time to make moves.  I have to admit that sometimes I rush my moves.  I simply remind myself that I have ample time.  And, I learn from traps that I have fallen.  


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