where can one play chess online for money!

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    Yea I'd probably end up cheated or cheating if it had to do with money. Its to tempting. An I don't feel that had if I've been cheated online in friendly games. I really was hoping for maybe a dollar or some cool little fake trophy. Yea but even a $3. Dollar grand prize would be tempting for some turd like myself to take with a chess engine;/

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    create chess btc soon!

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    chess is chess,it's not casino!


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    why would you play chess for money when chess engines can be used ?

    more simply, the feature that allows one to see "all possible moves" is you playing the other player along with a computer.

    one should not gamble on chess unless it is otb.

    one should be able to tick off the other player's ability to use " all possible moves" if you yourself have also ticked it off.

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    it is not possible one can seek the services of a more ranked guy to play for him


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    I have a great plan for making money online playing chess. Just send me a dollar to find out how!

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    Find some place where the hustlers play chess, take them on if you can

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