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Where is the strangest place you have ever played a game of chess...

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    Think back to games you have played in your past, whether it be from a jail cell, or a plane-thousands of miles above the ground. Everyone has a game or two up their sleeves that have taken place in a venue that others may claim is strange. Where was yours?

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    What's the hold up with all the your momma's jokes?

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    And what else did you and Daniel do...

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    In the upper stair well of the tower, in the Nestle Research and Development Plant @ Marysville, Ohio...

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    No, but the hard steel stairs I was sitting on weren't good for it...however, getting paid to play chess and drink coffee is worth the nuisanse...

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    At a wedding reception, played on a serviette with pen-drawn squares and another serviette, ripped into littler squares with hand-drawn figures on the squares ^_^

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    At this one chess club (but it was a very strange club).

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    I played a game once after a golf tournament with one of the competitors. Outside on the deck. A storm came out of nowhere and I ended up losing pieces of the set. And it was magnetic!

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    I played strip chess with an escort in vegas in the top floor of the Luxor. Beat that ladies.

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    And follow your lead?

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    I played in a chess tournament held at Free Indeed Church (FreeIndeedChurch.com) in Gallatin, Tennessee a couple of years ago. 

    I ended up losing to a fellow Chess.com member who also had organized the tourney, Seth Mallard: http://www.chess.com/members/view/SethMallard

    As you can see from his bullet rating, (~2200), Seth's pretty good, so I don't feel too bad.

    Of course, this was before I became a diamond member here, so we'll see what happens next time!

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    So...was the tourney free?

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    In an alley behind a greek church. 

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    So...was the tourney free?

    I think it was like ten or twenty bucks to enter. Nothing outrageous. I don't remember the exact cost, but remember it being just a drop in the bucket in light of a day of chess fun. Smile

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    goldendog wrote:

    What's the hold up with all the your momma's jokes?

    Yo momma's so fat she had to get baptized at SeaWorld. amidoinitright?

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    Aha, so it was Fee Indeed Tournament. Smile

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    AndyClifton wrote:

    Aha, so it was Fee Indeed Tournament. 

    Yes, but even paying the cost we were free! Smile

    I think someone else already paid what I owed for me because when I asked who we paid, Seth just said, "Don't worry about it man, yours has already been taken care of..." or something like that. 

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    I played chess in a loundry  room on a camping once.
    We played till 5 o'clock in the morning and played it there because there was light and it was raining outside.

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    The first OTB tourney I ever went to, our truck broke down on the way coming back (it was 100 miles or so).  So we sat there playing chess in the cab until the AAA guy showed up.

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