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Which Chess player do you think there should be a movie about?

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    LisaV wrote:
    batgirl wrote:

    Paolo Boi and/or Leonardo di Cutri.

    I was waiting for our batopedia to weigh in.  The next question is why?

     It's not only the story of the first known tournament, featuring such names as Ruy Lopez, Alphonso Ceron, Scovara and Polario.  Il Siracusano and Il Puttino were adventurers as well as chess players and their swashbuckling story involves revenge, pirates, shipwrecks, Moors, loves lost and fortunes won.
    See Mark Weeks' digitalized The Light and the Luster of Chess for the story or visit my page on
    players of chess in the Renaissance or Chessopedia here for Paolo Boi.

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    vishwanathan anand

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    Tigran Petrosian

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    Akiba Rubinstein, who had a colorful life (went insane eventually); or Viktor Korchnoi, who had to fight the Soviet machine from the inside.

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    I would think Alekhine because of the whole nazi incident

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    rookandladder wrote:

    Gotta be Alekhine. I mean you have the Revolution, fleeing Russia, joining the French Army prior to WWII, getting coerced into being the Nazi chessmaster, the wives, the drinking, and the mysterious death.

    Nothing else comes close for drama.


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    Alekhine definatly.  not only would you have his character but the other chess giants of that time period. Nimzo, Lasker, Capa, Botvinik, Bogo, Tarrasch, Reti, Tartakower, Ewue, Rubinstein etc etc that would be a great movie

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    Alekhine would be good :D

    Chess films don't have to be boring, check out film about Josh Waitzkin.

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    Paul Morphy is what first comes to my mind, but then I agree with others who said that it should be about Alexander Alekhine.  If it is to go hollywood then it really should be Alekhine - his love affairs (romance), his vices, his determination to give up his vices to regain his title from Euwe, his development of blindfold chess ability during confinement in WW2, his rivalry against the Chess Machine Capablanca, his Nazi involvement, Capa's territory's refusal to grant him escape route, his mysterious death, the legacy he left behind.  This movie might show some similar scenarios in Saving Private Ryan or Windtalkers or Schindler's List.  From Romance to Action, his love for cats...soon the world's greatest player Garry Kasparov would take his games as pattern, tagging them as model chess.

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    I'd love to see a movie about Mir Sultan Khan. His rise to stardom and descent to obscurity is fascinating.

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    Tal. definitely Tal.

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    theshrike wrote:

    I see no better choice than Alexander Alekhine. In a time of opposing chess dogmas, he was a player with an universal style of play and an artist at the same time.

    I also choose Alekhine. Besides being one of the greatest chess players his life was filled with intrigue.

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    I'd like to see a comedy with Ivanchuk (that guy is crazy), a porn movie with Peter Leko, and Morozevich as James Bond. Vlad Tkachiev can be the bad guy.

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    Gokukid wrote:

    paul morphy

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    Me! I've had a very interesting life.Cool

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    lostgame wrote:

    Pillsbury would be a good subject...and maybe a movie centerd around the Tal Botvinnik match....

     What's the story behind the Tal Botvinnivk match?

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    porn with chess player would be Hilarious!  Anna k.  & Judit P. for the female stars!  put a james bond theme to it and throw in chess witticisms and sell it on the net to chess geeks...it would make plenty of cash!  i bet kasparov would be a good lead man, just for his facial expressions!

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    Mir Sultan Khan.


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