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Which software will 'score' my games?

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    The last version of Lucas Chess that I tried was 7.02, and I only VERY briefly looked at it. My biggest turnoff was the apparent lack of documentation. Is there a doc file somewhere (maybe in a newer version) that I've missed? (I haven't tried the videos, do they help?)

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    I just looked at the output of a sample game from the Chess.com analysis and I guess the 'score' the OP is looking for is the totals of; inaccuracies; mistakes; and blunders?  Hmm, analysis strength states only 2200 too.  No game references included.  Couldn't one just add up the ?! (inaccuracies), ? (mistakes), and ?? (blunders) of any analysis and get a 'score'? 

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    >>>Couldn't one just add up the ?! (inaccuracies), ? (mistakes), and ?? (blunders) of any analysis and get a 'score'? 

    Yes, and that is just what I want. I want this for games which I haven't played on Chess.Com.

    >>>Isn't the fact you won or gained rating points the performance of that particular game.

    No, that's a different matter altogether.

    Thanks for the help so far guys, I've downloaded Lucas Chess and it might do what I want nicely when I've figured it all out and have the time to work through some games.

    I wonder what Chess.Com uses to do its assessment?


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    MrEdCollins wrote:

    Re: Lucas Chess

    I don't quite understand these "points."  For example, the anlysis option 

    "Is considered wrong move when the loss of points is greater than:" 

    is set to 50 by default.  What is that?  

    I'm looking at a positon and I've got the kibitzer on and it gives  evaluations of this position as "238 upperbound" or "266 lowerbound."  Again, what is that?  Is the engine's evaluation being converted into "points" and if so, is there a way to change the display so it just shows the actual engine's evaluation?


    Yes, that's all configurable.  I always use the latest development versions, so I'm never sure whether the features I have match what most people probably download.  If you want the latest version that I'm using you can get it by going to his blog.  At the bottom of each "step" version post you can grab the latest one.  I just get the portable one.

    You can convert the "points" that it shows by default by just dividing by 100.  238 = 2.38.  I'm pretty sure it shows it relative to the side to move and not white all the time, too.  You can change both of those, again, in the latest version at least, to what you are used to seeing (which I have done in my screenshot above).

    I just used print screen and pasted into ms paint to get the screenshot, btw.

    And yeah, Lucas Chess is fantastic.


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