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Whos your favorite Chess master

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    You may post who is your favorite chess master

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    Magnus Carlsen

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    Morphy or Nezhmetdinov

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    chesszrade wrote:

    You may post who is your favorite chess master

    Magnus Carlsen, Adolph Andersesen, Paul Morphy, Jose Capablanca, Bobby Fischer, Judit Polgar, Akiba Ruibinstien, Carl Schlechter, Alexandra Kostieunuk, Pia Cramling, Mikhail Tal, Paul Keres, Carlos Torre, Irina Krush, Mikhail Chigorin, Wilhelm Steinitz , Boris Spassky, Svetozar Gligoric, Antoneta Stefanova, Rudolf Charousek, Harry Pillsbury.

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    Judith Polgar.  So sexy.  Even the way she plays is sexy. 

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    So anyone can figure it out. Like 40% thinks it Carlsen and 60% is Bobby Fischer

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    Tal was the best, someone that even bobby fischer appreciated.

    Botvinnik and petrosian were great too, people that watch them playing is fun and exciting, even though they played quite defensive.

    And kasparov, of course.

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    Too many to choose from - but my absolute favourite is Fischer.


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