Why did chessmaxusa get banned?


And also, why did his club "Chess to the max get closed down as well?


He was honestly very friendly to me and I loved watching his Twitch streams. His account says Closed: abuse. What did he do wrong?


he abused women there was a huge forum and and discussion and stuff in CF


It might have been because all of the spam he may have presented. The invites, I know, may trigger a few members of the Chess.com community. Perhaps he went on a rant with someone because they complained to him and thus he got the wrong end of it. Who knows?


Wow that's crazy! I'm just now hearing about this.


Yeah... I have been wondering why as well. First he got muted, then he got his account closed. Rcu, is the forum still there?


Yeah I want to see it link plz


Too bad to seeĀ  that happening. I didn't know that he was that kind of person. In fact I was/am a member of his club "Chess to the max" too....


Same here. I joined the club and then left because it was apparently a spam club and I wanted to win a one month gold membership from a joke blog (@GM_Magnus_Kingdom). Then, I won the membership and a while later, @chessmaxusa contacted me and asked me to come back. So I did. Then, he got muted, and soon eventually got his account closed.