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why is d4 more popular than e4

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    is it because e4 is scared of the sicilian

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    I'm pretty sure e4 is still the more popular opening choice in general.

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    Totally understandable! With e4 the chance white can play the incredible Blackmar Diemer Gambit is much smaller :-)
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    Well, d4 is the more "modern" approach. This opening ofter leads to very closed , dynamic and "strategic" positons. While e4 often leads to Tactical Openings , usually gambits (Kings Gambit,Elephant Gambit,Latvian Gambit etc) But that dosen't mean that e4 openings could reach in a dynamic and closed positions. Example: French Defense and Some variations of sicilian defense could lead to closed positions. I still think e4 is better even tho is stated that both are equal. Take a look at the diagrams. Have a nice day and good luck in your future!

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    e4 wins by test

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    I use the 'English', which is c4, then bring the knight up under it. It's a good opening as far as I'm concerned.

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    E4 and D4 are about equal. C4 is a good alternative as well. However, 1)a3!! To thwart opening preparation and play as black but with the extra move.
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    I think I see E4 a lot more than D4. E4 strikes me a being sort of a  move a scared person would make. Sometimes a new opening is more interesting and when you're playing white a little advantage.


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