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Why most players on chess.com deny rematch?

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    Leonado1 wrote:
    abu_99999 wrote:

    Why most players on chess.com deny even single rematch?  I think at least 2 match should be a courtesy.

    They know you will beat them,ihave been wondering myself.

    You seriously think someone who just beat you knows you will beat him in a rematch?  How would he know that?  Perhaps it was the obvious skill you demonstrated in losing the first game that convinced him of your invincibility.  You rematch whiners really need to get a grip.

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    I prefer rematches cause I believe 1 match doesn't decide a fight. Even the person is below me by lots of rating, I will still accept the rematch. If the person decided to cheat in a rematch, I rather give him the win cause it probably makes him happy. Like there is a reason why unrated games are more relaxing.


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