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Will technology ruin the game of chess?

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    petrosianpupil wrote:

    Chess is a draw, even in the days of capablanca this was realised. People win because humans cannot calculate all the tactics or understand all the ideas of chess. Don't see how computers will change this. They may be able to one day prove the existence of the draw. A forklift truck might be designed that can lift a mountain, don't think it will stop weightlifting competitions.

    Apperently, Computers Suggest Chess is NOT a draw and hence whoever Gos first has an advantage. Yes i know that computers are not perfect but doesn't going first give a "nudge' of delovopment advantage? White has a edge[according to me]

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    It already has. Have to endure endless nitwits commenting on games based on what their search engine tells them because they can't think for themselves. And the most hilarious part is that many comment this way as if they're gms and are critical of players 1000 x stronger.

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    And that's why the game will be just fine for some time. Those nitwits you speak of will play in some otb games, and will only have the assistance of their minds.

    Basically, the computer age has helped those that play straight, and hindered those that use it as a crutch.


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