In reality, it was done somewhat mephitically. The  French brie in my backpack was really starting to overpower her.
Keep playing chess and you will end up at a fancy steak house where they will say the meat is handrubbed, and you will think what a coincidence !
monalisa wrote: Keep playing chess and find out your water bed is now Lake Placid!!

You are a good player who must have put in a lot of time at chess, and you seem to be passionate about this issue.  Were you able to find the right balance of time with chess and family?  How did you do it?

My wife left me because she found out I was a homosexual in love with Jim Beam and Jack Daniels !!
Rael, your funny bone is as frozen as your cranium ;(
While looking thru some of these posts, I realized that some of us (me, for one) may have just a WEE ITSY BIT TOO MUCH FREE TIME on our hands! Ha!  I, for one, am going to uncheck the tracking on this forum, turn off the computer, and watch a movie with my wonderful wife!!
I may be a little behind in posting in this topic, but my mother says that I have a problem with chess or card tricks which I do a lot of also.

If not cheese, then what??


my love of cheddar/

made me a debtor.



I love the linguistic word play!

Dont worry, I go through the same thing with my wife. And yes she rather have you home then at the "Pub" but do you think she would be saying anything  different if you were always at the "Pub". You cant win so make her happy when you can.. and yes, you may have to put the game away once in a while.

Hey, you all crazy.  I'm a great girlfriend and I looooooovee me some chess!
I am already taken or I might ask
Eh, the person I play the most on this site happens to be my wife.
WOW!!!  That got a fire going...lol...  Mine is'nt all that bad really,, Where did you say you found a rocket powered unicorn?  That would make a nice pet...Cool
lol, same with my mother
You can easily resolve the issue with your wife. Do as I did, bought her a 61"  hd flat screen and a mini fridge for the beer for "her room". I spend my time in the living room "playing" chess and wathching discovery channel on the 65" , and we have been happily married for 19 years.
That does work for awhile, but what hapens when she thinks that you aren't playing chess anymore and comes out and sees you asleep on the couch in front of the Discovery Channel
One of the MANY reasons I'm single!!!!
I don't have a wife ... and as long as i'm on chess.com, people know where to find me..  plus,  it means i'm not surfing where i shouldn't be.
Locke wrote:

Ah, the chess playing female.

A scarce breed. 

I think I may have estranged my last girlfriend upon effervescently declaring my love for chess. 

you know on those tv ads where the guy is with his girlfriend or wife or whatever, but all he can think about is sports, or beer, or arbys or something silly?


i had a moment like that with my girlfriend, thinking of chess, and how much i admired the kings indian attack. i had to stop cuddling just to think about it....