your ideas of Iran


Hi everyone . According to this passage please write your ideas about chess , in Iran .

Everyone loves his country and doesnt want to leave his country . And i also dont want to get out of my country now . but I wanna be a professional player .

Now : whats your Idea about Iran and chess in Iran ? Thanks a lot


    We in the U.S. receive very little reliable information about Iran. Seems to me that several months ago there was a topic on this site that asserted that chess had been made illegal in Iran. Maybe, you can clear that up for us.


@ 1pawndown; dear friend there was an untold law that chess is not good and is forbidden acording to the Islam, but that was just only for a short time and after that it was told by the governor that it is ligal and nowadays Iranian national chess team is a good one in the world. If you need more explanation, please don't hesitate to ask.


Are there chess clubs at schools or are they private? Do many women play? Do they play and practice with men? 


no iranian can never be good in chess. all day they have nothing else to do besides playing chess and they are still not in the top 100.

to be honest in my personal opinion they are hopeless


you are not allowed to have fun with woman, all interesting books are forbidden and television is boring as hell...

iranians should be number one in chess but they are not. to be honest they might not be smart enough


all interesting books are forbidden? Can you give examples of types of forbidden books, besides "Reading Lolita in Teheran"?


I seriously doubt that they are "not smart enough" to play strong chess. not motivated enough, perhaps? anything that was once illegal carries a certain taint.