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3 fold repetition

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    Was playing live chess.  My move,  I could move to a square to create a draw by 3 fold repetion.  Over the board, one must claim that they are going to move to the square to create the 3 fold rep prior to actually moving.  I didn't see a way for me to do this.  I clicked on draw, this resulted in a draw offer from me to my opponent (which he declined).  So I moved to the square that would create the repetition.  Still no way to claim a draw.  Am I missing something?

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    After you make the move, THEN click the draw button.

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    Thought that it would be something easy like that.  Didn't want to annoy the guy w/ repetive draw offers.  Thank you

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    OTB you write the move on your scoresheet, but do not play it on the board. You announce to your opponent that with your next move the game will be drawn. If he disagrees, you get the director.


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