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502 Bad Gateway

  • #1

    This is weird, whenever I visit live or online chess it just shows 502 Bad Gateway!

  • #2

    Try again :)

  • #3

    it's still doing it.

  • #4

    Have you tried a cache clear?

  • #5

    I am having a similar problem!   I can't get the home page.   Clearing the Cache doesn't help.

  • #6

    Is it showing the same error on all browsers?

  • #7

    Do you use at your PC a different DNS resolution server than the one set at your router?

  • #8


    Safari is showing the home page as it should.  

    Here is a screem image of the problem:

  • #9

    please reference this to ticket #343387

    I'm having another problem, I have been trying to change my password, but it says my email is not valid.


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