How to post a game using a PGN file [A step by step guide for dummies]

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    timothy_s001 wrote:

    IMi in a team match USA vs Brazil board 119.My rook at b1 wants to take his rook at b8 the computer leaves my peice at b2 So he takes my "free"rook.THis is unfair.I know it,he knows it.Who can I file a protest with I offered to call a draw but he is greedy ...


    If you don't have move confirmation turned on, there isn't much that can be done. Mouse-slips happen and your opponent is under no obligation to take a draw in such a situation.

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    Nice guide! Another PGN-thing:  If I go to Analysis board, paste in a PGN-string I can play back the moves and all, but: How do I computer analyze the game? I see no button or anything fot this. I asked support but they just said "Go to the analysis in the main menue", ignoring the real question. 

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    Computer analysis of games not played on site isn't available.

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    Thanks, Matin_Stahl. It's hard to know when to stop looking for something you don't know if it's there at all.

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    I want to view my earlier live chess games, how to obtain their PGN?

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    SaumayR wrote:

    I want to view my earlier live chess games, how to obtain their PGN?


    You can view your games in your game archive.

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    What I am trying to figure out, and this page doesn't seem to include it, because it is so ultra-complicated I guess, is how do I do the following

    a) first i am looking at a slow game in progress, e.g. vote chess

    b) then I look forwards some moves (because Cedrik has posted his moves without making a diagram) so they are there in a diagram. This is in the Analysis board

    c) then I use the little Download iconto get the Pgn (all this is in v3. Also, earlier I had stated I was in v2, but that was because I forgot v3 was the current version).

    d) However (I think this is a bug) it only includes the moves from BEFORE I started analyzing, not the moves that I copied (since i think it does not work to copy and paste moves from HTML into the diagram-maker.)  That is to say, the Pgn that the helpful Download icon generates are including a COMPLETELY INADEQUATE amount of moves, given the situation and my intention.


    Therefore I am still without a way to go into analysis board and get the HTML moves into a diagram.   I can see this is an extremely subtle and difficult bug to deal with, so I am sure it will not be dealt with until version 7, or maybe after the Singularity occurs.

    Also, nobody has noticed my superb error report here, so I am going to make a new topic.

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    Well, it worked!!! Thanks for the tutorial.

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