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Ad blocking board during live chess

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    I just tried playing my first live chess game, and about 5 moves in I got this great big ad right across the game board - with no way to close it! Of course I timed out and lost the game.

    Could the ad have been a leftover from the game that was playing when I started my own game? I certainly still got the sounds from the moves of the other game, even though it wasn't open in another tab. Either way, how can I prevent this happening again in the future?

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    @OP: The most effective way to resolve this issue is to report it to the staff via a Support Ticket.

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    If you're a Mozilla user, the best way is to get the AdBlock Plus add-on and you're ad related troubles are over on every page :)

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    rwd2410 wrote:

    You just press the "X" button in the top right hand corner and it will close the AD. In future, dont be so ignorant and stupid, just press "X" and continue the game. 

    Your gracefully,

    Magnus Carlsen

    Dear Magnus,

    I'm sorry you feel that you have to heap abuse on me for asking a perfectly reasonable question. If you look at it, I mentioned that there was no way to close the ad. With that I meant that I did look, that there was no 'x', no 'close' button - nothing.

    Please rest assured that I also know how to block people who cannot converse in a civilised manner.

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    Was it possible you had another game open? I find that while viewing live chess, especially bullet, the ad from a finished game will appear on the next game, but i cannot exit out of it by using the x (it isnt there). To solve this just exit out of the finished game itself. From the sounds of it this isnt your problem, but maybe it is so I was just providing a solution :)

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    No, Tjornan, that's exactly what I thought was going on - I had been viewing a game, then I started one myself, but I still got the sounds from the old game, not from mine (which was really distracting!) But how can I specifically exit out of the game I was watching? The new game didn't open in a new tab. I'm using Chrome, by the way - is Chess.com maybe optimised for another browser?

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    This has happened to me before in chrome before. the easiest way i've dealth with it is to click the button to change the board to simple mode, and in that transition you lose the ad without losing the game


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