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Advanced editor tools

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    I cannot insert table in my comments, because the button of the insert table doesn't appear - it is absent.

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    What browser and operating system are you using? Have you tried a cache clear?

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    windows XL and Firefox

    How can I clear the cache?

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    Here are instructions on how to clear browser cache for firefox:


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    Thank You for the instruction! I have cleared the browser cache, but the button of the insert table is absent yet.


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    If its still not working, then it might be a third party utility (e.g. firewall) which prevents javascript being executed at your computer.

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    I see this:

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    @borsiz- When you said table I assumed you meant the chess board, is that what you meant? Or are you looking for a data-type table? Your comment interface does appear correctly.  If you're looking for the option to enter a board, please click on the chess board. Unfortunately we don't offer an option to enter a data-table. 

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    No, I didn't think of the chessboard!

    Iam using the Help's expression. I would like to insert a chart ( with rows and columns), like this:


    or this

    please find comment #15


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    Sorry for the misunderstanding. Iam looking for this (red ellipse):

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    Are the advanced-editor tools not only available for news items? The insert-table feature there is situated at bottom LHS. (Chrome/XP)

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    netzach, thank You. I managed to do a simple chart:

    Európa Liga 2012
    Győzelmek 329 46,8%
    Döntetlenek 195 27,7%
    Vereségek 179 25,5%
    Összesen 703  
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    np good luck! Smile

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    Are the advanced editor tools available anywhere else other than for news posts? It would be great if the advanced editor tools were available for use in forum posts.

    Is this ever likely to happen?

    If not, is it possible for example to create a table in a news post and then use it in a forum post?

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    Practically I did it. I created a chart in a news post and copied it into this forum #13.


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