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    I have an archos 10.1 which no longer plays live chess.


    firmware:  2.4.19

    Android 2.2.1 app up to date.  The past four updates or so just hang with "loading" for live chess.  I've uninstalled and re-installed the app, repeatedly.

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    Well, it's working currently.  However, it's notable and unfortunate that non one from chose to respond to this. 


    Some time back a new version of started working again.

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    thufir, the last ticket you sent in on an Android issue was dated September 28th 2011.

    Have you sent one in since that I have missed?

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    I don't recall opening a ticket, per se, but I did send crash reports.  Oh, maybe a bug report on somehow?  Maybe.

    In any event, it stopped working, then one of the updates fixed it a while back :)


    Android chess is awesome, btw.  very nice.

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