Another hosted virus on

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                   I gotta laugh; he's only been here like 2 weeks, and I have no idea how old he is. His accusation in another thread was that is trying to do this on purpose. When Erik tried to tell him something, his reply was, Who the hell are you??,  are YOU a software developer??  blah, blah blah.  I'm too busy getting killed in the Russia thread. I'm talking about xi_32.  hahahaaa    

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    RJC, why do you take everything off topic?

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                   You've only been here a month. You've got a lot to learn about threads, on topic and off topic.

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    A month is more than enough to learn about and it's threads. I know this is off topic. It's about viruses, and now you're talking about random stuff.

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                    Do you know how to read kid??   This thread about the virus has been answered by Erik and another staff member. Maybe that's why you got banned from University. When I tried to help you see the error of your ways, you blocked me from posting, so yeah, your right kid, a month is MORE than enought time here. Don't forget how you properly read Erik's thread too. All your comments were very constructive in, "Love Us Why." 

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    Yes, I do know how to read. I know that it has been answered already. But it still hasn't been solved. And your way of helping is bringing topics off topic? And your comments were also very constructive in, "Hate - tell us why"

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                       With my apologies extended to blueemu, let me take this because he won't let me post in HIS thread. Another example of you not being here long enought to have respect for other members. What hasn't been solved??  blueemu's efforts brought the virus to the attention of 2 staff members. The're working on it. They haven't SOLVED the problem of bringing up the black boxes from the ocean yet either. OOohhh, you mean the problem of you getting banned from University. Well by your own admission in post 1 + 21,( Banned From A Group) you were repeatedely warned and told for 5 days about when and how to use the chat. I gotta hand it to you. You've got a much better record than mine. I've been here for almost 2 yrs, and haven't been banned or blocked by anyone. You've been here a month, and your banned from University??  Yeah your right kid, a month is more than enought to learn about, and its threads. As far as my comments in, "HATE, its pretty much self-explanatory. The OP was a sockpuppet with 10,000 useless threads. He was insulting Erik, and spewing hatred. OHhh, that's right, you don't know what sockpuppets are and who Erik is. I asked for help, and 12 people agreed to derail the thread. No mod stepped in to stop it. You DO know what a mod is, don't you??  If you don't want to take my advice, that's fine. But take someone's advice who's been here long enought to know how to read these threads. Otherwise you'll be bumping into a blindfolded knife juggler all the time.  Keep reading kid.

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    LOL, crazy person talking about black boxes in an ocean? Are you out of your mind? And I know you're just a crazy mad person that's mad cuz I blocked you. 

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                       Go tell Trysts you blocked me. She'll give you a medal.Cool

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    I don't care about medals.

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                             Your right, but you do care about groups. You even tried to create one your 2nd week here, and nobody joined. These forums are just electronic BULETIN BOARDS. Read them carefully. 9 million opinions. At your age, you want to be accepted. At my age, if I'm not pissing somebody off, then I'm doing something wrong. Like I said, a lot of people here have been here a lot longer than 1 month.    Good Luck.

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    Guess my age. 

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    Don't forget those ads for the thing that apparently removes tracking cookies, been so long since I installed ad-block plus to block malicious ads. Says something about websites/people spying on you.

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    Wow, incredible.. must be in kahoots with avertersiers to rend inoperable your computer unless you get their Prem Package. Today on my "clean Computer" with Virgin o/s from a Disk Image, I logged in in guest what, my NAV reorts it has blocked Trojan.MIUREF.  This is the second time this occurs in past week. CHESS. COM wtf! be honest..geez.

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    2 months late lol

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    The wicked idea of taking someone’s personal files hostage to then extort a ransom is trending in malware deployment workshops. If one of these ransomware programs called TeslaCrypt succeeds in intruding on a computer, it detects and encrypts all user files so that they get appended with a .ccc suffix and cannot be opened in any of the regular ways. To remove it use

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    meh, I thought this thread was about kaynight

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