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bad behavior report

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    here's the last of a long list of comments posted by a member during a game I just finished ...

    [No naming and shaming - please get a screen shot and report through the link below - Mod.]

    they kept that kinda raving up the entire game & continued after they lost the game

    What's the method for reporting them ?


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    Please contact us directly at https://support.chess.com/customer/portal/emails/new to report someone, rather than naming and shaming people in the forums, thanks.

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    OK, but the other side of that is that the method for reporting such behaviour should be much more clearly posted.


    As far as "shaming & naming" ....????!!!! Someone posts garbage & you think they deserve protection ?Frown

     Further, I think there should be a method for keeping records of comments posted during games, just as the games are archived. That's one way to both support collection of evidence against such knuckleheads & to negate the need to quote the remarks outside direct reporting.

    It's very unlikely that someone posting as I reported hasn't done so in the past & they do so because they get away with it.

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    why is copy and paste turned off?  It makes it very dificult to make a report.



    This guy kept challenging, accepting then aborting over and over, please send him to the nether world.



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    [Player] a player that I am playing at the moment , and he is winning and I have no chance of winning the game, has called me a cheat ...for no reason whatsoever....WHY I have no idea...I think this sort of member should be banned from future tournaments. I am going to report his behavior to Chess.com staff.

    [Absolutely, please get a screen shot of this and send it to Chess.com staff via the link above: but please don't post their names in the forums - Mod]


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