Bug in tournament




Im currently in a daily tournament, and after winning one of my games, in my group, i didnt recieve a point. When you look at the group it looks like the game is still going, but i have checkmated my opponent. As you can see in the attached picture, the position is clearly mate, and the points hasn't been assigned.  When i go into the tournament info and look at "completed games", this game is there and the status is "playing". It has been like this for a day and a half now.

The problem is also that the rematch hasn't begun yet.  What to do?



Is the game in your game archive? Also i think the solution is to contact chess.com support. Good luck in the tournament.

Yes it is in my archive as a finished game. Thank you, i will try to contact them.


GOOD JOB making it to Round 2! Gl And hope we both can progress to Round 3!