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Chess sounds turning off

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    Oftentimes during a game the chess sounds turn off -- usually the sound of my opponent's moves but sometimes mine or both. There seems to be a problem with the site's sound effects. I know the problem isn't my sound preferences or my computer.

  • #2

    I have actualy been experiancing that same problem

  • #3

    same, but I haven't had it happen to me. yet.

  • #4

    very annoying.  It actually throws me off, the sudden silence so If I can I quick close out the window and open a new live one.  Never had it happen twice in a game but at least every day..

  • #5

    This has been happening to me spontaneously, but only recently. I have assumed it is a bug. In another thread someone recommended ctrl-F5.

    Does anyone from chess.com monitor this forum? Is there another place to report potential bugs?

  • #6

               They do monitor, but the're busy. The only other resort is to submit a ticket.  They WILL ask you what system, and what browser your using so they can reproduce the problem.

  • #7

    Occasionally happens to me, too.

  • #8

    Happens to me too.  Extremely annoying and breaks the concentration.

    Browser/OS:  Chrome/Windows 7

  • #9

    Sound drops out in IE as well. 

  • #10

    Yes, this is very troubling and breaks concentration. Has anyone found a solution?

  • #11

    Press F5.  The browser will reconnect and the sound returns.  Useless though during the final seconds of blitz.

  • #12

    Same problem here on Windows 7 + Chrome.

    So far on Linux (Mint) + Chrome it works fine.

  • #13

    It usually happens when shockwave flash crashes. I think.

  • #14

    Haven't encountered the problem again.

    Hopefully it has been fixed during a recent browser update.


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