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Chess.com/Samsung Tab

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    I don't get full access to chess.com with this tab, I wonder what the problem is?

    I know nothing about computers, thanks for your time.

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    The mobile apps aren't anywhere near as complete as the website is.

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    Thanks BQ

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    It's a pity the mobile apps are so "light".

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    does the andorid app from this site work well with Samsung, especially the latest Samsung Galaxy note, etc?

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    I don't know as I haven't had time to download a Chess.com app yet. Still working on a virus protection.

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    The chess.com app works ok on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3... but I don't play live chess, so someone else will have to vouch for that.

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    What do you use as a anti virus protection BQ?

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    AVG for my phone and Avast for PC.

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