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Choice of controls (Hit enter to submit move)

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    Hey all,

    In the correspondence games, I can move my piece, PLACE IT IN A SPOT, take a good look around the board (with my piece in that "maybe" spot), and then DECIDE after seeing my piece IN THAT SPOT whether or not I want to submit that as my move.  If I decide that is where I want to move,  I hit "Enter".

    Sometimes it helps to see my piece in a "maybe" spot so I can double check that I didn't leave myself vulnerable to the opponent.

    The way the controls are set up in live chess, it is too easy to "slip" off the mouse as you're moving a piece around, leaving you open to costly mistakes. 

    Is it possible to give the user the choice of controlling their pieces as is currently set up.............OR.........controlling them the way you can in correspondence chess?

    I would MUCH prefer to move pieces here and there, let them sit in that "maybe" spot for a couple of seconds, and then when I'm SURE it is the move I want to make, hit "Enter" to submit that as my move.

    Is there any good reason why it can't be arranged for the members to have this choice?

    Does anyone else out there feel my pain from slipping of the mouse and costing you a game?


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    No, the idea of live chess is to represent OTB playing positions, in which you are not allowed outside resources.

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    Letting go of the mouse button (online) is analogous to letting go of a piece (OTB). Since, in an OTB formal game, letting go of a piece finalizes the move, then letting go of the mouse button should, in like manner, finalize the move online.

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    So no one else out there has lost or won a game because of slipping off the mouse button while moving a piece around? 

    I've done both.

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    I definitely have as well.

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    Hi Mike!  Thank you for your message....Georg and I are doing better..Six weeks ago I broke my wrist and I am still some what hurting....but much better...Georg  doesn't go to Heaven Net no longer, I found ome friends here and like to chat with them... some are very nicxe and some are not..Nice to hear from you, keep in touch....Peace adn Love Irene

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    Ive suffered from mouse slips, didn't move my queen far enough and I lost it. Also, against IM Daniel Rensch I picked up my queen, decided that I didn't want to move it, and when that happens I try to make an illegal move, and it puts the queen back where it belongs. However, when I made a move that I thought was illegal, (taking one of his rooks) the move turned out to be legal, and I resigned the next move.

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    @nate23: In the future, you might try moving the Queen (or other piece, as the case may be) as if to capture one of your own pieces. Such a move would always be illegal, assuring that the board would reset as desired.

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    That way is much better. What I usually do however is take my opponents king. But for some reason, I didn't do that. Thanks for the tip though!

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    @nate23: Ah, yes, taking your opponent's King is a great idea, too, since that never actually happens in a game.


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