Consecutive Wins Award

Greetings, and Hello. Dear support department. I notice that the sight gives out awards for milestone achievements, such as length of time on your site, passing instructional test, even which pieces delivered mate. I would like to know if there is any consideration for an award for longest winning streak. I am currently at 17 consecutive wins in a row, and I don't plan on slowing down. With each win I grow stronger, like a boxer holding onto his title, and looking for stronger challenges.You could recognize the achievement in increments. For example, 5 wins in a row, 8 in a row, 10 in a row, 20 etc. You could even give status titles like gold, silver, platinum, or diamond award status. Please let me know, or seriously consider this request, as it would be very encouraging for those of us who aren't Grandmasters...YET! I go by the name of Renaissanceman165, on, and I thank you in advance. Respectfully,  Anthony E. White

That’s good


You might post about it in the following.



Intersting idea; I will suggest it. 


Thanks for the positive feedback and support jdcannon, and scrabblechecs. Martin_Stahl thank you for the link. I have posted my suggestion there.  It "will' be great to have this new award suggestion implemented. Thanks again guys. Check it Out! Ciao!!!