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Deleted Vote Chess Games

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    I recently joined a vote chess game, but then quit because one side was already clearly winning when I joined, so I thought it wasn't worth it.

    My question is, when I am on my other vote chess games, and I post a comment or submit my vote or whatever, and press "next ready game", in the middle of cycling through my games i come to this vote chess game that I quit. I don't want to see this here, because first of all, I already quit out of it, so I have nothing to do on that page, and second of all, on that page there is no "next ready game" button, so I have to go all the way back to my home, vote chess, and then my next vote chess game. 

    Is there a way to skip this vote chess page that I quit out of, and why isn't there a "next ready game" on that page of the game I quit?

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    i dont know, its pretty annoying i agree

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    Let's complain about the world Laughing

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    Seriously, is this still not fixed?  It's pretty absurd.


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