Does the "fair play policy" get enforced?


I recently played against an opponent in a 30 minute LIVE game.  He moved himself into a mate in one after about 6 minutes, and then refused to move, letting the time run out.

A message came up that the fair play policy will be enforced and that his games will be restricted.  I also sent a complaint to support, and got a response back that his games will indeed be restricted.

Up until now the user in question has been happily playing games on LIVE with no restrictions.  What could be the reason for this?


I don't have an answer to that I'm afraid, but it's the same with me. About 1/5 of my games end with my opponent leaving with his time ticking and then after a while of waiting, and seeing if he will make another move, (too long!) I get a message saying that he violated the fair play policy and his account may be restricted. But do they actually get restricted? How many times do they have to do this before they get restricted?


If you search the forums for things like 'i'm restricted' or 'i have to wait 5 mins' it should give you a rough idea of how enforced it is.


I feel your pain.....but I think they (Staff) looks at every player as a potential paying if they restrict a players play thats potential money personal opinion!!!

With that said, I do think this site does a good job of catching cheaters and restricting them.....

I would say just take a break and return to your computer a few rating points higher....


-God speed