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Facebook chess

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    Hello Body.

    I had a facebook account with chess, and a separate chess.com account.

    Now they have merged and I have lost my previous facebook games, though they still appear for my opponents.

    Anyone want to help me out here? Maybe I'm asking in the wrong place, eh....

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    I use to have two separate accounts, one for Chess.com and another for the Facebook app, but now woth the merging, things are much easier, as I can play my games without leaving FB, which is good. I did loose my FB game archives, but they where only a half a dozen games, so there's nothing much to loose.

    So this merging seems good up until now.

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    when i said i'd lost my games i meant my current ones. but i've found them now.


    the thing was my direct facebook chess link came up with an error message but i found my games another way.


    I have now merged them, and am happy. Having said that they lied about the "you will keep your higher rating". They left me with the lower one....


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