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game abandoned abuse

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    Maybe the RSS should be persecuted?

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    "...taking just about every thread they post in off-topic."


    Seriously, what does that mean?

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    i think the RSS should be made to pay.  by a man!

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    Never met a problem that couldn't be solved by a good INQUISITION.

    Just Ask The Jesuits. 

    P.S., the site's connections often fail.  I've lost a fair number of games (on time) because of a frozen connection, that timed me out.  Whatever.  Goes with the territory.

    But players who abandon games should be stir-fried, or perhaps made into sushi.

    Oh, if that were possible.  Laughing 

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    Should every other single member of chess.com quit posting in the forums leaving Mr. Jempty Method to answer all queries? (post his games, postulate on validity of his opinion, treat others abrasively etc.)

    Here in his 2nd incarnation and now paying a subscription this time around perhaps envisages himself as saviour of the forums??

    A man on a mission.

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    jempty_method wrote:
    CBA wrote:

    "...taking just about every thread they post in off-topic."


    Seriously, what does that mean?

    It means you have a severe reading comprehension problem

    Is a word missing? Should it be "taking over"? No need for insults - I'm just trying to understand what you write.

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    you have no idea.  CBA struggles mightily with his reading.  he needs THE tutor.

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    While most contributors to this thread have kept it relevant, helpful, and nice, everyone please try and keep from attacking or insulting others here or this thread will be locked. 

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    jempty_method wrote:
    Heaven forbid I should actually post about chess.

    Tee hee.

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    Any chance you could answer the OP's cry for help Calamondin and then move it to off topic so we can post some punny fics..OOps where's that tutor?

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    jempty_method wrote:

    I have a better idea.  Post something constructive in this thread, or any thread for that matter.  Until then I will report every instance of thread hijacking by members of the Royal Spam Society as asked to do.

    Post No. 36:


    Good and constructive advice, in my opinion.
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    You are posting little about chess right now. Conversely you are seemingly airing personal-grudges in help/support.

    What makes you think you have the right to bully others and tell them what to do? 

    What was your meaning here??

    jempty_method wrote:
    AlCzervik wrote:
    ilikeflags wrote:

    it's pretty rad that jempty's only contribution to this thread was his complaint that nobody was contributing to the thread and his threat to tattle.

    Maybe he fell asleep and is dreaming of rss. Or, is it pos? I forget.

    All such threads will be monitored, and reported to staff, per their request.  Get back on topic or STFU.

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    @ jempty_method


    Post No. 17 was before your challenge.


    You issued your challenge in post 27, in post 36 ilikeflags met your challenge.


    As a casual observer, I reckon you lost that little round and should now withdraw.

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This forum topic has been locked

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