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game explorer- my chess games disappeared!

  • #1

    I look at my past openings in game explorer, but today they seem to have disappeared, I get the comment that there are no games with that position regardless of the position.

  • #2

    Send the message to 'help and support' at the botttom of your page. M

  • #3

    I have the same problem now, too.

  • #4

    support says programmers are updating explorer and that my games will reappear shortly.

  • #5

    I have the same problem.


  • #6

    i have the same problem as well, my games now missing over 3 days

  • #7

    Any eta on when this issue will be fixed

  • #8

    for a while I noticed that I could see other players games and then just masters games. Think they got a bit excited in an upgrade.


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