Game report not working for gold membership


I've already made a post about it but no one responded. It is extremely frustrating that I bought gold membership and it doesn't even give me what it promised.

What I expected: Unlimited game review so I could see my mistakes and blunders

What I got: All it does is tell me how many blunders and mistakes I have but it won't show me where those blunders or mistakes are. It is completely useless and a huge waste of time and money. If this is intentional then I am really disappointed that it says unlimited game analysis  but doesn't actually give me unlimited anything. If this is intentional then really needs to change this because it is extremely frustrating.


I am facing the same issue. I used to get game reports just fine, but now it looks like you need to get a diamond membership for "game review" and the old game report feature no longer works on browser. Does not seem fair, given unlimited game reviews was the key reason I paid for 1 year of gold membership.


I am having the same issue and I have a diamond membership, so I am guessing it's a problem on's side.


Yes, I was looking for their explanation as well, I don't understand why introducing a better review removes our right to what we paid for, or at least they should gives us the option to get a refund. This isn't typical from Hopefully they change this and comeback with a response.


When I had gold membership last month it worked fine for me. They're constantly working on those game analysis stuff, so maybe there's a bug which came up just recently.

The diamond membership only gives you the coach telling you why you made a mistake, but it should show you every step of your match in "game review" anyways. 

I suggest you contact via e-mail, I have very good experiences with their player support team, they'll probably get back to you within 24 hours.  


Was there a solution to this? doesn't seem to respond to any of these forums.


Lesson videos also don't seem to load. Bought a gold membership yesterday meh.png


contact through here it may take a while for them to respomd


Game report works for me, but not beginner lessons. Ignored by the support for 10 days now. Has anyone resolved the issue?

micoba wrote:

Game report works for me, but not beginner lessons. Ignored by the support for 10 days now. Has anyone resolved the issue?

There is a bug in the lessons system which hasn't been fixed yet. I've contacted support about that via e-mail and they came back to me and helped me out within one or two days.

Have you contacted them directly or only opened a forum thread? Seemingly, they don't browse the forums on regular basis so if you've got a problem only staff can solve, get in touch with them straight away. And again, I've made very good experience with their player support. Just make sure to describe your issue as clearly as possible step by step including screen shots so they've got something to work with. 



Thanks for sharing, Spielkalb!

I wrote to support multiple times, but in my case replies are very slow and not helpful at all. A few weeks has passed and I only got a reply that my issue will be passed to programmers. 

I'll wait for few more days, then ask for a refund and look for a better place to learn chess tear.png


I'm having the same thing. I got the gold premium because of the unlimited analysis and I can't use the game report feature even though it's listed in the things you get when upgrading. Were you able to fix the problem


Did you get any solutions or help from yet? 



Game report has stopped working for me, as well.  It stopped working two days ago.  I’m a diamond player, and am new to chess. I find game review super helpful after I play the computer players.  I have learned so much in a very short time. “Game Report” has been instrumental in that growth.  I’m hoping the issue gets fixed soon!

Spielkalb wrote:

Did you get any solutions or help from yet? 


sadly not. I have contacted but they probubly wont get back until tuesday



Just renewed my membership to find out they silently removed this? Post-game analysis is the only feature I care about