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How do I get "Points"?

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    y m soo hapy to play chees on this site i t,s

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    the best

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    the best the best

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    y love this site

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    fgrfmy love chees .com
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    lov me chess

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    i t;s verry nice to enjoy this site

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    go babe go go

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    woo...wat an idea sirji....i will get then d desired tshirt soon...lolz....

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    what does the t-shirt say?

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    Hi I'm new and I would imagine the T-Shirt says "Poker". :-)

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    Hi, forgive me, but I wasn't willing to trawl thru 12 pages for the answer, if it exists.

    Is there a place that tells us how many points we can get for each contribution?

    And more importantly:  forget the t-shirts; can we get TROPHIES instead???

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    Each contribution = 1 point!

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    ooh me want a free tshirt.

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    some contributions to the forum, are idiotic, so are some subjects,ie which female members are the most photogenic, but you still get points whatever. you can state abc. but you get a point.

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    erik wrote:
    sure :) i'll throw in a T-shirt!

     copy this to all posts, its not the one you have on is it?

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    I'm confused, when I signed up for chess.com they gave me 1200 points T-shirt? 

     lost my first game. I though that there would be 2-7 points difference. Is there a way that  can start over?Laughing

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