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How do I get "Points"?

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    OK........HOKAy...Chess set!

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    u beat heaps of people

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    Jack!Hey u!
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    as long as i can play chess here and talk.....as soon i graduate from university...i'll buy a diamond account!.....
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    Thanks I was wondering how we accumulated points. I've viewed and peoples profiles and they had several points while I had only a few.
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    thats pretty neat i cannot wait until i can buy the lifelong membership


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    I'm a new guy on the block, and I see 1200 behind my name. Does that mean I have to loose 200 to get a T-shirt?
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    How will you get them too us? Ask for our address, no way! By the way who is the founder of this website?
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    oh.....also a neat idea is for a person who gets 10000 points will get a diamond account-free!
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    I think we should get points for playing greeter games
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    if i reach 1000 points, do I have to send erik my address and all- how do I know he won't stalk me (jk).   Would I have to email erik or would I be notified immediately?

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    I am ready for my T-shirt! I would like my signed by Eric and all the staff ;-)

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    checkmate5000 wrote: How many people are there actually who work for chess.com??

     "about half of them"

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    batgirl wrote:

    I passed my first millenium a while back. It was quite uneventful.

     I passed my second millenium about 8 years ago. There was some speculation that the world would (nearly) end. However, it turned out to be quite uneventful too.

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    Sprite wrote:

    ...  Not to mention the fact I will actually say something worthwhile. ...

     "My parents went to chess.com and all I got was this lousy T-shirt".

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    points every time you post a comment

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    hi on way to 100000000000

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    but wrote:

    points every time you post a comment

     but, could you live with yourself knowing you'd got them out of context i.e.  without quoting somebody?

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