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Resolved: How do I set my Theme for my Profile Page ?

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    May I know how to do this ?

    I went to the 'Themes n' Styles' Page n' clicked on 'My Themes' .. It showed that I was using the Theme of my choice n' Everything looked like when the New Format was in Beta Testing ie my Theme was applied Correctly but when I clicked on my Home Page,Everything disappeared n' the Background became White again .

    .. or is this being fixed/worked on ?

    Tnx .

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    My theme from the beta stopped working as well.

    I had to go and edit it (didn't need to actually change anything), then save it using the button at the bottom, and everything was fine.

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    Tnx So Much ,AndTheLittleOneSaid ... I did that n' Walla ,Everything is Fine again !!! .. Now,I'm Happy again ... Smile

    .. but the Boxes in the Middle ie 'New Comments','My Recent Activity' n' 'My Tracked Activity' plus the 'Ratings' Box on the Lower Right on our Home Page ,all still hv a White Background n' it's quite hard to read the Wordings ... maybe need to edit my Theme but I'm scared to do that coz if I change the Wrong thing ,it will  affect the other parts n' I hv to spend lots of time redoing Everything n' making them all work.

    Now,I hv to do the same for my Group Profile Pages too.

    ( I remember we had to do this too when they updated our 'Editing Themes' Page ,last time)

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    That didn't work for me  :(

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    Kikyo, sometimes the chess.com just dosent approve your backgrounds, even if they are appropriate

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    I think it's working again now,Mogford .

    icyfoxx2k ,What u mean ?

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    I also had the same problem, so I had to create a new one altogether :( But I needed a change. Does anyone know how to dublicate a theme that I made so I can just alter the backgrounds? 


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    I tried to to do that before but can't,I think ... we hv to edit that one by changing the Background,then saving it again.

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    Wow .. Now Most of our Pages  hv our Customized Themes .. Vote Chess n' even Tactics Trainer .. AWESOME !!! Cool

    ( I wish it wld also include 'Live Chess' )

    Our Group Profile Pages r also looking Very Nice with our Themes !

    Tnx Chess.com ! Smile

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    Ok,Tnx for d info,greg135 !

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    Cool! I also like the new look :)

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