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how to chat

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    people trying to chat w me what screen do u use... where u can see chats and so on.. something meepo... sw it before now i cant find it...

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    From your own homepage, use the right side top My Home.

    Point your cursor at the My Home and a drop down box appears. Click the option at the bottom of that list where it says  'Account'.

    A new page appears. Left side of that page, click on Privacy.

    Once that opens, about half way down the page, you should see it show

    Chat Bar.

    Chat bar has a drop down box with the options to

    1. Never Show 2.My home only  3.Remove from play/learn pages.

    Once you opt to show it on your 'My Home', scroll down to the bottom of the page and click where it says 'Save Settings'.

    As soon as you've done that, you'll be re-directed to your own homepage.

    At the bottom of your own homepage, you'll see a long faint blue line.

    Look in the bottom right corner.  Click the bit where it says how many are online.  (mine shows  31 online).  That opens a pop up box to show all your friends.

    Like this









    This meebo help page explains the things you can do

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