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I can not see my stats

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    Why i can not see my stats? ( Win, lost, draw, rating, etc...) I have a free account.

     Thank for help! :-)

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    On the top row menu under "My Home" Click on "Online Chess". You should see your stats in the right hand column of that page.
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    I have this result :



    Highest:1200 (6 Apr 2008)
    Avg. Opp.:0
    Best Win: N/A
    Today's Rank:N/A

    Won: 0 (0%)
    Lost:0 (0%)
    Drawn:0 (0%)
    In Progress:0

    Timeouts:0 (0%)
    Avg./game: 0
    Time/move: 0 secs


    After playing many games Frown

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    Use the "Report Bug" link at the bottom of the page.
  • #5
    Laughing Ok, thank for your help.
  • #6
    You sure you have played rated games? When I click on you I can't get on your online chess page, which would indicate that you haven't played any rated games.
  • #7
    Also, have you played your games on live chess?  Live chess is not part of the turn-based rating.
  • #8

    yes i've played rated game on live-chess, when i connect i have :

     Quick: 1200
     Blitz: 1527
     Long: 1260

    but it is impossible to view number of win,loose,draw,etc...

  • #9

    there are not stats given for live chess games.

    The only stats that are given for free players are your win/lose/draw etc but those are for correspondance chess ONLY 

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     ok thank you very much Smile
  • #11

    I also cant see my stats; they are non-existant.

  • #12

    I have two ratings one for Blitz one for standard but as there is no stats page they arrear in my games log only which captures the last 10 games.


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