I can't find the "resign" button


Hi folks.  I'm back after a long absence, and everything looks different.

There used to be a big button in live chess called "resign".  Sadly, I need that one a lot more than I would like.  (Fell into a queen's pawn opening "zap" just a couple of days ago.  The game was useless after the third move, and I was taking a long time to play each move.  I'm sure my opponent must have thought I was sulking and dragging things out.  In fact, I was looking for how to resign.  Only making moves often enough to make sure I wasn't flagged as abandoning the game.)

While I'm here…...these two other things in the "new" (to me) chess.com.  Is there still a "report" button for posts?  I just saw a thread whose title was an anatomical reference that I'm fairly confident has no role in Chess.  I'd like to get threads like that, or vile posts, banished as quickly as possible.  (Or did you have to get rid of that because this site's forums draw a lot of bad apples who misuse report functions?)  

Finally, the live chess screen has a lot of text on it that's gray on black.  Seriously?  When you try this stuff out, could you please have some people over 50 as part of your test/evaluation team?  It's totally unreadable without taking a lot of time to squint at it.  I'm playing blitz.  Low marks for usuability, guys.


How do I resign?

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You’ve just blundered your queen and feel it’s time to move on to the next game. We’ve all been there! It’s rude and unsportsmanlike to just disconnect, so how do we resign? 

On the web page, look to the right of your game board, just above your user name. 

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Click on ‘resign’ next to the white flag, and the game will be ended, and you can start a new one! 

In the android and IOS apps, the steps are a bit different. Look at the bottom of your screen and tap the options icon on the left side. 

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This will open up a menu where you can choose to resign the game! 




I looked for that resign button.  It isn't there.  (I'm on Windows, using Edge)  I'm going to go play another game to see if I can find it.


ETA:  Found it.  (And, sadly, had to use it.)


U've been on the site since 2008. U never tried to resign in ur 1800 games before now?


Ask Hou Yifan (scroll down a bit)


RedGirlZ wrote:

U've been on the site since 2008. U never tried to resign in ur 1800 games before now?

I just returned after a long absence, and the page layout is radically different.  It used to be in a different place. Now it's grey on white in a place I wasn't looking, and it vanishes when the game is over.   I must admit, I rarely resign, because I play almost exclusively blitz, and people can do some really dumb things in blitz, and winning on time is always an option.  Well, almost always.  In the last few days, since I resumed playing, I was looking around for it during the game, but then couldn't find it, and then pored over the screen searching for it after the game was over.