(I Just Got This Message ) Scammers on Chess.com (Be Careful All!)

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    You really think an email scammer is going to the police with a complaint?  If they do, do you really think Nigeria/Tongo will try to extradite a person?

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    "and that you might be someone other than who you say you are -- although I can tell by the exceptional language of your email, that is probably not the case."


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    You could tell them to crab one arm with the other and shove it hard.

    I told this to someone when they tried to use my name for a phone account (by a letter sent to me), they called later and wanted to know my social security number.   

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    I hope all know how this works. You get a check and are requested that when you get the money, you pay a part to other parties like lawyers, etc.. Since banks pay out checks on the condition that there is provision they will claim the money back 2 weeks later when the check has bounced.

    It happens also with cars. You sell a car and they send you a check for more monet than you agreed. They ask you to pay the transport company that collects the car. You sell for 3000', the cheque is 4000, you pay the transport company 1000 and 2 weeks later the 4000 needs to be repaid. You lost car and 1000. Never ever deal with cheques that you get over the mail . The problem is that the banks can not know whether a cheque will bounce or not when they cash it from a foreign bank. I get mail like that and i send them always to the internet fraude police, with a copy to the sender.

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    (I Just Got This Message ) Scammers on Chess.com (Be Careful All!)

    To protect yourself please send me your user name, password, and a bucket of cheese cake.

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    My information is on the way, my chess friend!

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    Is the bucket of cheese cake optional?

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    What is wrong with you guys? I just received the money deposited directly into my bank account. Why don't you just believe and take the money? I did have to pay inheritance's tax to the IRS. 

                                    It was free money.

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    I heard there were ars holes who buy things on eBay, then cancel their credit card payment, thus getting the merchandise free, and screwing the seller out of their stuff.

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    waffllemaster wrote:
    (I Just Got This Message ) Scammers on Chess.com (Be Careful All!)

    To protect yourself please send me your user name, password, and a bucket of cheese cake.

    Ok sir. What is your full name, username, password, email, occupation, address, credit card number so I can send you the bucket of cheesecake.

    Also, I will need 1,000 (one thousand) dollars as an advance fee for the bucket of cheesecake.

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    And you have also won the spanish 'El Gordo' (I get those in Greek every day),  transfer 2000 dollars to my PayPal account as an advance fee. 

    Thank you ,

    [random Nigerian-English name]

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    This chess game stinks.  I kicked the bucket a long time ago but then refused to kick the bucket again.  It's filled with taco llamas and burritos so when they gave it to me, I thought well hey I could eat more chess games for later.  Bwah!

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