i just started....?


i dont really know what to do as far as points,and i havent yet been able to figure out how to play this chess game


You probably need a good beginners book. You may want to try The Chess Players Bible. Sorry, I'm not sure where my copy is so I can't tell you the author.



This should get you cognitant of the basic rules of Chess. 

Do you mean you don't know how to play chess or don't know how to play chess on here?
To learn to play chess, every morning you must climb to the top of the largest snow-capped mountain you can find with a wooden barrel on your back. When you reach the top of the mountain, fill the barrel with snow and ice and run back down the mountain. Use the snow to ice the wounds and soreness you got from climbing the huge frickin mountain. Then, you must build an arc to -- okay, screw that, learning to play chess is (probably) easier than climbing a mountain. Just find a good beginner's book or have a friend teach you. When you get the hang of things, decide if you want to keep playing and go from there, young grasshoppah.
A great book for beginners is "Play Winning Chess"  by Yasser Seirawan.
i ment i didnt know how to play chess on here but i prety much understand it now