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I never abandoned my game, Chess.com website is defective.

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    Anyone who is having trouble with network connections when playing games on Chess.com,  please write and tell us your story in this topic forum.

    There seems to be a problem with the tech people who are running the chess server, every time I play there is always a disconnection message, then followed by a succssfully connected message.  I lost three or four games because the website keep disconnecting me.  Then the administrators have the audacity to tell me that I am purposly abandoning my game and that it is unfair to the other players.


    Excuse me Chess.com I have never abandoned any game I play, it is your chess server that is malfuncting and interrupting my game.  My internet connection is fine.  Any game that is archived in my account that is labeled abandoned should be removed.  I do not deserve to be treated this way.  You are wrongfully accusing me of something I did not do.

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    Click on Help & Support and contact the staff directly.

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    every game i get babbed for five minutes no mater what if i win loss they abaned game everything

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    Please see forum topic:  THANK YOU Chess.com for further posts to this topic.

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    NimzoRoy wrote:

    Click on Help & Support and contact the staff directly.


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    Hi guys, not sure if this is the best thread to query this in but I've also played about 3 or so games where in the middle of the game, I'll play my turn then wait for my opponents turn only to have to them run down the clock until they run outta time. The issue is instead of the system saying that my opponent's time ran out, it'll show my time as being zero and say that my time ran out.Can someone please explain what is going on?

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    I agree skull, it really puts you off wanting to play long time control games. I disconnected in one, was back online in probably just over a minute, and the game was abandoned with ~45 minutes on the clock.

    Luckily it was unrated so we picked up from where we left off but that's not always the case so it makes me less likely to commit to long games.

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    same probs and they say i violated policy blah blah blah....

    so i started playing in other websites

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    I just played my last game and in the middle of game it says GAME ABANDONED and I thought my opponent left the game half way through as it was his turn to move but to my astonishment I see my rating gone down by -42! How can I respectable webste that has so many people allow this to happen my connection is perfect I've never had a disconnection ever why would it do such thing????!!!


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