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Is this facility available?

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    Hello all,

    Last night my friend asked me if we could go over one of my recent games. I was wondering if there is an analysis board that I can invite him to so that I can make the moves and he can see the position? Basically like an online lesson I guess but no one is getting paid:) Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desktop_sharing

    I use TeamViewer.  Bring up a chess program (like SCID).  You and friend can both manipulate the board.  Combine with Google voice/video chat (or other), and away you go.

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    Hey mate, thanks a lot for the suggestion.

    Do you know if it is available on Chess.com, is what I meant. Like 'Invite to private board,' and then talk via skype or whatever?

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    It's possible in Live Chess, but I'm not sure how.

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    That's awesome guys thanks a lot! I'll give it a try.


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    It's down the hall, first door to your right.


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